January 26th 2019!

Your Day Without Togs!

On the last Saturday of January Free Beaches promotes this special day for New Zealand. This year it's on January 26th when we expect to have members attending a range of beaches from Northland to Otago. Would you like to join us at one of these venues, in January - on Saturday 26th?

Northland Uretiti Beach Peter Owen - 021 500 998
Auckland Ladies Bay  
Hawkes Bay Ocean Beach, Hawkes Bay John Lowe - 06 879 9262, 022 129 1036
Either Kapiti Coast Either Peka Peka Beach, north  
Or Breaker Bay Or Breaker Bay  
Christchurch South New Brighton Beach Grant - 027 235 9978

Please note that the Wellington venue (Peka Peka or Breaker Bay) will depend on how the weather looks on the day! For your local contact information, please feel free to e-mail: (secretary) direct. (Note that the normal e-mail communication is via: ).

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