Venues in the rest of the South Island 

 Westland  Carters Beach

Carters Beach

This is the view south from the current development (Beachside), 5Km south of Westport.

  In the distance is Cape Foulwind, not much else in between

Barrytown Beach

Barrytown Beach

On the coast north of Greymouth, Barrytown Beach is one of the attractions for the locals. Despite being alongside SH 6, the view from the road is not too close - or a problem.

 There was a sea lion not far from here - but it was camera-shy

Lake Kaniere

Lake Kaniere

This is one of the hidden gems on the West Coast; in this case, 25 km east of Hokitika. The track entrance for this spot is half way around the lake, just opposite Dorothy Falls. Note that the little beaches mostly have small rocks scattered over them.

 Visitors from Christchurch may be seen in the holidays

Wanaka West

Lake Wanaka West

One thing which makes this area interesting is the variable level of the lake. On this occasion it was about 2m lower than usual, making it a 100m walk from Homestead Bay out to this spot.

 There is a big area to the right, and some trees for shade

Smaills Beach

Smaills Beach

At the 'bottom end' of the Otago Peninsula, this is the nearest beach to the city that may be used for discrete nude bathing.

 There are two ways to get here: via the creek or the dunes

Sandfly Bay


Sandfly Bay

There is a 20 minute walk down from the car park to this beach - and a 40 minute walk back up! This beach though, features a protected habitat for the Yellow-eyed Penguin. Please be careful not to go near the penguins, or inadvertently block their passage from or to the sea. 

 The walk down in the soft sand is rather heavy going

Murdering Beach


Murdering Beach

About 12 Km northeast of Port Chalmers, Murdering Beach is possibly the most popular of the beaches, after Smaills Beach.

 This is easily accessed, though the road isn't smooth

Allans Beach

Allans Beach

This beach is relatively easily accessed from the car park, along a 300 m track. There is an adjacent spot to the north, but it is completely wet at high tide. Victory Beach, the next main place north, has about 3 km of pleasant walking to get there, but it is best approached from Lower Portebello and Papanui Inlet.

 A pleasant beach on a good day with plenty of room for all

Mapoutahi Cove


Doctors Point Beach and Mapoutahi Cove

Doctors Point Beach is just 3km from SH1 at Waitati - 20 km north of Dunedin. The nearby Warrington beach is also used (to the right, or south; of the naturist-friendly Warring Surf Lifesaving club).

Mapoutahi cove is next to Purakanui Bay but a bit of a walk to get to if the tide is in - otherwise just keep walking from Doctors Point Beach!

 Mapoutahi Cove is one of the prettier spots but harder to get to

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