Kaiaua Beach

Kaiaua Beach

Just north of Tolaga Bay - drive to the far end of the road and walk across the creek at the farmer's gate. (But it's usually deserted...)

 Cheating a bit with this one - taken during a Gisborne rally in the early 80s

 Hawkes Bay 

Ocean Beach, HB


Ocean Beach (lookout)

This view north over the beach, is from the lookout. It is rather historic now: the prominent tree in the foreground has gone. The usual naturist area is north of the main beach car park. During weekends and peak holiday periods, please go well clear (North) of the main patrolled section. During the off-peak time (February through to mid-December) use common sense as to how far north of the main car park you need to walk. (Note that vehicle access to the beach has now been closed.) At your chosen destination we recommend that you politely ask any 'textile' user already there, if it's okay for you to be clothes-free.

  Ocean Beach, from the lookout

Ocean Beach, Hawkes Bay

Ocean Beach

Although on hot days in the main holiday periods there tends to be a preponderance of textiles around, nude use is still evident - and more to the point: no problem!

From 2022, the police use a tool for assessing whether a 'nakedness' complaint' might be a 'valid offence' or not. Applying their tool to "mere nudity" supports our view: that there is no legally valid charge (eg: 'offensive behaviour') in that circumstance!


  Ocean Beach, close up

Waimarama Beach

Waimarama Beach

The domain is near the trees on the left of the couple. (Although 15 km further from Hastings, Waimarama is more popular with the textiled, than Ocean Beach.)

  The domain is near the trees to the left of the couple's shoulders

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