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This history is largely sourced from the longest-running Naturist publication in this country: the New Zealand Naturist - now known as gonatural.

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The miscellany of items presented here are those of potential interest, but are normally outside the usual topics of naturist publications.


A key item is probably the definition of Naturism. The International Naturist Federation has stated it in #134. (It is essentailly this definition which differentiates Naturists from 'nudists'. In short: Naturists are nudists who know why...)

The fairly common lack of surnames in the magazine is due to the early naturists' experience of public rejection, especially before the 60s. That public rejection became reflected in the blocking of advertisements for members by the press, which in turn was a cause of initial club names commonly becoming some variation of the X Outdoor Health Society... There's a general comment on this by David Gaw in #49 (1968).

There are, in a number of the magazines, some variation on the 'why I joined the club' (and 'gee I wish I'd done it ages ago') scenario, but one in #72 by Charles of WOS, includes some deeper insights, concisely expressed.

In #80 (August 1976), the Kirklands suggest that smoking "pot" at club venues could endanger the future of the movement. But in #95 (June 1980) we had a fairly accurate indication of its actual effects (from Oz)!

Also in #95 is a lamenting letter from a Mrs Uphill, that no one had replied to her previous one (in #93) concerned for "someone to explain how nudist people could allow their [teenage] children to go away camping when they know the children will see one another nude and have no parents around." (As there was no obvious response to her concerns, unless she waited for several more issues: for #98; it is assumed she hasn't joined...)

In #96 Ron Rencher, retiring National President, offers some reflections on the movement at that time. In #97, an anonymous author reflects on the common Naturist tendency to avoid mentioning that aspect of their lives, thus reducing public realisation of naturism's true reach among the community.

Yoga without the restrictions of clothing is a topic tackled first by Keith Bolton in #87.

Physical touch in the Naturist context can be a slightly fraught subject, especially for novices. However in #111 (Prof) James Ritchie examines this subject closely. Then in #114, one A. Appleton attempts to distinguish between Nude and Naked... while in #117, Doug Ball contemplates a similar conundrum from a practical point of view.

Graham Macgregor reports on the first of 20+ years of the annual pilgrimage to Fernlands hot pools, in Tauranga, in #114 and again in #118.

A Guest Editorial by John Lowe in #158 looks at what the Broadcasting Standard Authority may or may not know about 'us'. Then in #162, he draws a parallel with the Masons.

In #159 (Dec 1996) Kelvin Morgan outlines the presentation of Parakai's Palm Springs, as hosted by the Hibiscus Coast Sun Club, as 'the place to be' for Aucklanders.

Following the Federation's change of name to NZ Naturist Federation at the end of 1998, ex-Wellington member Ad, wondered '"what's in a name". In July 1999, Patrick Simmonds also comments on that issue, then Kevin Gdanitz responds.


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