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 The first issue - May 1956 

[The National Review - Autumn] Editor: Stewart Ransom (Pages: 8 - 1/6 per annum)


Naturism - A Solution to some Child Delinquency Problems
Overseas News
Club news (7)
Launch of Waikato Health Club, 4th & 5th Rallies
National Brochure & Pamphlets
Developing & Printing Service
Legal & Spiritual Advisors
National Organisation
Our Magazine & Photographs
New Zealand Broadcasting Service


 Stewart Ransom,



"From the tiny acorn grows the mighty Oak" is the symbolic thought as I introduce members to this new venture - a national journal. It is not intended to be pretentious or ambitious at this stage and hence these pages are purposely brief.

The encouragement of the joint committee of the Auckland Clubs has decided its launching, but its development and character will be largely determined by all members views and support. A few cyclostyled pages will meantime need to suffice until the demand necessitates a more ambitious publication. At the moment the all important thing is the first issue and to sound your opinions.

The proposed policy is to issue the Review quarterly in February, May August and November published and distributed by the Public Relations Officer. Items will include Club reports, national as well as international news, view of members, with articles related to the aims and principles of the movement. It is being written for general interest and will be the organ through which members may express their opinions. Editorial policy will be elastic but contributors are asked to maintain a high standard with items of interest throughout the Dominion. It is not intended that this will be a substitute for club newsletters.

Cost is a major consideration. Stencils, paper and postage is roughly estimated to cost 4½d. per issue and it is thought that a charge might be made on this basis. Should enthusiasm grow and require a larger journal, it will be necessary to charge accordingly. In order to save postage and considerable work for the National office, it is hoped that Club Secretaries will make themselves responsible for ordering, charging and distributing copies. A separate publications account will be kept for members to consider at the next National Rally so that they may make recommendations regarding policy.

News and views regarding Naturism are hopefully awaited. Every endeavour will be made to provide a popular publication.

Stewart. PRO.



Naturism - A Solution to some Child Delinquency Problems.

The adolescent has an unquenchable desire to express his maturity. Feelings of self reliance and independence are exhibited in his excessive enthusiasm and interest in "causes" and "principles". Rebellion against the mundane reactionary life he has to live, makes the danger of petty crime and the thrill of forbidden social behaviour highly attractive. In a like fashion the taboos of our society entice the restless to enjoy the excitement of exercising forbidden practices. Successful petty theft gives confidence in substitute for the subconscious feelings of incompetence and juvenile inferiority so recently suffered. The ego development is at a critical stage.

Sex is a mysterious taboo similarly enticing enquiry and practice as part of this personality development. The distortion of half knowledge or complete ignorance shapes the unnatural outlook of the adolescent. The evaded subject of sex differences and purpose only encourages efforts to make personal discoveries. The subject becomes "writ large" as during their development they experience new drives. The emotional stresses and lack of knowledge makes it psychologically impossible for them to understand these changes. The emotionally unstable personality is being moulded.

The implied unpleasantness and indecency of the evaded subject creates guilt complexes. The conflict which arises as the conscious exceptionally strong sense of sex development is suppressed as unclean, causes the emotional strain which finds expression in opposition to parental control. Parental respect is in jeopardy since "a lie" is obviously being enforced. The inability to objectively face natural functions and anatomical differences cannot earn an adolescent's respect.

There is little reason to wonder why the modern educator recommends the forthright acceptance of sex differences being encouraged among children. Special reference has been made in two of the N.Z. Health Depts. recent pamphlets on sex education. "Sex and the Parent" states "he should see the bodies of others, in the bathroom and bedroom. Small brothers and sisters used to this accept their differences matter-of-factly. They are no longer curious about what the other sex looks like. An older child who for the first time sees a naked adult may be puzzled and upset. If however it has been usual from his earliest infancy for him to see the bodies of his parents in the bathroom, he accepts the adult norm as something not worth commenting upon or being curious about". In a similar vein a medical officer's article in a treatise on homosexuality, "The Stand Apart", states "children should be allowed to see each other's and their parents' bodies without being given feelings of shame or mock modesty, and questions, even if embarrassing need to be answered frankly ... There are clearly matters about sex which small children cannot understand. At the same time any kind of lying is to be deprecated. At all costs an atmosphere of mystery, particularly about the body of the opposite sex, should be avoided. Feelings of abhorrence and disgust about the genitals of the opposite sex are frequently found in sexual perversions, and can be an important reason why normal sexual relations are regarded as repugnant". The acceptance of sex differences can thus do much to correct the maladjustment of such possible social misfits.

The Naturist can be satisfied that in the same realistic fashion the correct perspective and emphasis is being placed on our differences. It is a great pity that so many juveniles are involved with sex crimes. These young people if given the healthy atmosphere of social naturism could become better adjusted and hence receive very real remedial treatment. If sublimated sex drives do find expression through antisocial behaviour of rowdy hooligans petty theft, and vandalism, there is little reason to doubt that their successful adjustment will remove much of the cause of such behaviour.

The environment of social naturism makes a man's personality his major criteria. Character not clothes determine his worth and the cold blooded acceptance of a man's real worth is more likely to appeal to the modern debunking generation. Naturism could thus be a valuable prophylactic for adolescent delinquency.

Overseas News.

The INF/FNI advises that the 5th World Congress will take place in Hanover, Germany from 24th-26th August 1956. A most interesting and instructive programme has been arranged. There are now 32 member nations.
Sun and Health (Denmark) has been banned in the U.S.A.

Club News.


Kaurimu Sun Club. (Proprietary) Box 38 Henderson, Auckland.

Eric reports continued work enlarging the playing area which means they blast, excavate, carry and dig week after week.

Auckland Sun Club. (Proprietary) Box 2925 Auckland.

Ray reports that their pool has been enlarged by raising the dam. A shower has been installed at the Club House and a sand pit is proving popular with the children. The road down to the site is a "must" by next season.

Auckland Outdoor Health Club (Inc). (Members) Box 2702 Auck.

The purchase of their own property of 6 acres has become a reality. Members debentures and the exceptional help of one of the members has made it possible. (Congratulations - Edt)

Wellington Sun and Heath Society (Inc). (Members) Box 6359

Every weekend sees a gang hard at work developing their new 5½ acre site. A hundred yards of spoil has gone into the access road, including piping a bog. A bridge is almost completed to allow access to the car park. A double army hut is erected, clearing has been done, the pool pegged out and the demolition of a cottage nearly completed. During the winter this is to be rebuilt as a clubhouse.

Wanganui Sun Club. (Proprietary) Box 410 Wanganui.

Apart from general maintenance and the introduction of new members, Ivan has little to report. It is interesting to hear that Hugh, who gave us such a good write up of the National Rally, has since paid them a private visit. That is the best way to woo the Press.

Canterbury Sun and Health Club. (Member) Box 1823 Christchurch.

Steady development is the order here and as the lack of water is their main concern drilling is being organised in the hope of locating this important liquid.

Otago Sun and Health Club. (Member) Box 2058 South Dunedin.

The members are now constructing a swimming pool and have started to level off the first terrace which will be used as a games area.

N.Z.'s Eighth Club. The Gisborne Sun Club has just been formed. Five cars bearing 24 members made for one of the sites put at their disposal recently. So we all wish them every success and a cordial welcome into our midst. For the time being their address is care of the National Organiser's Office.


Stop Press

N.Z.'s 9th Club is reported to now be officially launched. The Waikato Health Club, P.O. Box 562 Hamilton. We hope to have further details for the next Review.


The names of 7 clubs have been sent to Universal Directories, a complete business, social, sports and general directory. Also in response to a request from the Chief Postmaster, National and local club particulars have been forwarded to make up a proposed Wellington P.O. Box directory.

Fourth National Rally.

It will be if interest to all concerned that the articles and illustrations of this event were airmailed away in March and acknowledgements are already coming in. We should see ourselves in print fairly soon. Thanks everybody for your willingness to release the photographs and for the speedy turnaround the proofs were given. It is the quickest yet. Our friends in the U.S.A. have complimented us on our publicity, saying that we have accomplished in a few years what they are still trying to achieve after 25 years. However we must admit that the really good coverage was in the Wanganui papers, where the heads were already "sold". National coverage was slight, though factual.

Fifth National Rally.

It was agreed to hold the next "big do" at Wanganui for 3 days early in January, and we know that you will need no persuading. In order to assist the management committee to provide the best arrangements possible, your views on the following would be appreciated.

1. How to make the majority of folk happy on the question of photography.

2. The suggestion of holding a religious service when a Sunday is included. An ordained minister is willing to assist.

3. Although it was considered that the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd of January 1957 were suitable dates, have you any thoughts on this matter?

4. Instead of the election of a King or Queen which was done on the first two occasions, what do you think of the idea of electing a Mr. And Mrs. Naturist, the titles to be awarded to the persons who have received the most benefit from nudism.

Any other suggestions that you care to offer will receive every consideration. Australia is watching us with an envious eye, so let us keep two steps ahead all the time.


National Brochure and Pamphlets.

Brochures from other countries are being sought in order that we may produce a really worthwhile booklet explaining something of our ideals and the benefits to be derived participating in our movement. When this is prepared it is proposed to send copies to M.P.s, J.P.s, Churches, Clubs and anywhere we feel a better understanding of nudism will do the most good.

We have also sent away for wholesale copies of pamphlets that will be of great help in winning converts. These are printed in attractive folders and will be of special value to wives and mothers. As soon as available, you will be notified; meanwhile some idea of your requirements will be appreciated.

As another means of educating the man in the street, we recommend applying to Business Men's Clubs, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce and so forth to permit a speaker on the subject. There may be prejudice to overcome, but that is all the more reason why we should be allowed to speak to them. Much can be gained by an uninterrupted talk from half an hour to an hour, followed by a question and answer period. Think it over.


Developing and Printing Service.

We frequently receive enquires about processing nudist film and appreciate the dilemma these folk find themselves in. It will be of interest to you to know that we have a number of excellent photographers in our ranks who are willing to oblige. Send your enquiries to this office, and a first class confidential service is assured. We can also advise about movies and colour slides.

Legal Adviser.

A professional solicitor is pleased to offer advice should you need it. He is a busy man so please confine your enquiries to nudist activities and be very explicit. Write in the first place to this office.

Spiritual Advisers.

It will be of interest to know that several Ministers of the Gospel are members of our organisation and are proud of their affiliation. We have been able to pass on one or two queries to these gentlemen and they have been happy to be of assistance. Here again we do not wish to impede on their valuable time, but if you have some real problem that you feel would be best shared with one of them, we will be pleased to act as intermediary.


National Organisation.

At the last national rally it was agreed to refer a paper presented by A.O.H.C. to clubs for consideration and further discussion in 1957. As I am unable to discover who has received copies and who not, please apply to this office if you are in need of some. There is a limited number available and it is desired that as many as possible be given the opportunity of studying the proposals. If there are any spare copies about, please send those to this office.


Our Magazine and Photographs.

The Minister of Justice and his Department is not prepared to accept nudist magazines because many of the illustrations are not a true representation of our activities. We cannot argue with this point of view and our hands are tied to a large extent until this situation is improved. While we have proposals to endeavour to combat this position, the important step is to completely eliminate the offending type of illustration. All the editors have been approached and the consensus of opinion seems to be that if they had club photos they would publish them. And this is where you can help. Go through your albums, pick out what you think will make good illustrations, get the written permission of everybody in them and send them to this office immediately. We are feeding most of the approved magazines with articles on N.Z. activities and can put every photo you care to send to very good use. More magazines on sale means more new members and wider public acceptance, so please give to this your earnest consideration.

Although our magazines are steadily coming back into the shops, no prosecutions having taken place, there are still a number of booksellers who are not prepared to take the risk. Approaches should be made to these people, for they have nothing to fear provided they do not sell to adolescents or blatantly display them. If you are still unable to persuade your bookseller to even accept a subscription for you, then write to this office.

Subscriptions can be arranged for the following:

Health and Efficiency, English Monthly, 17/- per annum.
The Naturist.             "      "      23/-  "    "
Sunbathing Review.        "  Quarterly   7/6  "    "
Solar.           Australian bi-monthly  16/-  "    "
Sun Review.          "      "    "      16/-  "    "

We also have a limited number of assorted magazines available from time to time. Quotes on request.


New Zealand Broadcasting Service.

Efforts have been made to obtain "time" on the radio on a national basis. We spent some time with the manager of 2YA who offered little hope though accepting some of our ideals with reservations. The approach was then made to Mr.W.Yates, Director of Broadcasting. He was quite attentive but also did not give much encouragement. He agreed to do what he could and to the suggestion of forwarding a proposed talk. A 7 minute talk outlining our aims in language acceptable to a radio audience, was forwarded to the Director of Talks. We regret to say that this was declined, not on the grounds of its contentious nature, but because if time were given to us, the Service would then be pestered with requests from all sorts of minority groups all over the country. We will not give up, especially as we were on the air twice at Wanganui in January.

Conclusion from the National Organiser.

I congratulate Stewart on his initiative in launching this further proof of our desire to serve. It is a good start and should continue to help advise, instruct and entertain. We will do or best to make this little magazine worthy of the N.Z. movement. The rest is up to you. Help us all you can with literary contributions, cuttings and items of interest suitable for publication.
Help the circulation and when you have finished with it, pass it on to someone else who will appreciate it.

Cordially yours,




Perc Cousins: New Zealand Broadcasting Service; Editors

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