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NZ Naturist Magazine

A collaborative collation of the general history of Naturism in New Zealand 

This history is largely sourced from the longest-running Naturist publication in this country: the New Zealand Naturist - now known as gonatural, and the FBG / FBNZ News.

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Preface to the History section

The menu for the history section of our website is aimed at allowing various ways of accessing the core material originating from the New Zealand Naturist Federation's magazine and the Free Beach newsletters.

The magazines are listed chronologically; first by the decade, then by magazine issue number. In the third column is the Free Beach News. The next two menu columns collate links to several categories of interest: People & Places - eg: clubs, personalities, etc; and Other items - culture, censorship and so on. Note though, that items are not limited to just the Naturist Federation's magazine or Free Beach News.

The intent of portraying on this site the text of each magazine or newsletter issue, exactly as it originally appeared, has had to be compromised to fit the 'html' format, and in order to allow 'searchable text'. However, apart from the 'Contents' (top) and 'Noted' (bottom) sections of each magazine issue (ie: a single html page), the remainder of each issue's text is fairly close to the look of the original.

Most of the pictures, especially where the originals take a whole page; are simply placed down the left column (in order of appearance in that issue). Where a picture is specifically related to a section of text (or is needed to maintain the original text layout), it is placed 'in the flow' of that text.

In the case where a link points to a specific picture (eg: from a 'Letters' column indication), if the relevant picture is not in the text body, then it'll be at the top of the left column on the linked issue's page.



Underlined links generally go to the indicated place in a different issue number (ie: a different html page from the current one), while non-underlined links generally refer to a another place on the current page.

The 'Noted' links are intended to highlight 'free beach', historic (club), personality and rally items; in that order. (They're listed at the bottom of the page).

There is also a page of which lists just the 'Contents' and the 'Noted' items, which serves as an 'Overview' for this part (the History section) of the site. (If 'scripts' - needed for the menu - are turned off, that page can also be used for navigation of this section.)

At present, although all the magazines up to #210 have 'a page'; just the first 165 magazines are so far completed. (The others only have the cover photo and a content list.)

Unfortunately, printed acknowledgement in the magazines of the many contributors, has been rather patchy sometimes. However, where there is acknowledgement of a photographer, the liberty has been taken to put the name close to the relevant photo, rather than leave it in a (front or back) list of contributors, which was often the approach of those editors that did include those acknowledgements. (In general, in the text body, the placement of a photographer's name is the only significant deviation from the text format and layout of the original publication.)


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