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2019 Events

January - A Day Without Togs (Sat 26th, 2019)

Our southern hemisphere version of this international event occurs at a beach near you!

February - Skinny-Dip Down a Moonbeam (Wed Feb 20th - full moon)

Just get a group friends together and go down to your beach as the moon rises. No togs, no sunscreen; but lots of fun! It will be a full moon, clear sky, warm sea and maybe a balmy breeze. What an ideal setting to enjoy naturism, with the great ivory globe creating a rippling silver path across the dark blue liquid silk of the sea, until it meets the golden sands...

March repeat of - Skinny-Dip Down a Moonbeam (Wed Mar 20th - full moon)


March - World Naked Bike Ride (Sat Mar 2nd & Sun Mar 10th, 2019)

This is an international event - 2012 was the first time the World Naked Bike Ride was held in Tauranga; the 10th time at Takaka and the third time on the Rail Trail. From 2015, the Rail Trail route has changed to Doctors Point Beach from the Waitati hall (and is this time is on Sun, March 10th) The Takaka event is to be on Saturday March 2nd.

June - Polar Plunge - everywhere! Sat June 22nd 2019

Free Beaches challenge everyone to get out to your nearest beach and make a big splash!
Feel free to go to St Leonards, Uretiti, Peka Peka, Ototoka, Tapuae, Tahunanui, - you name it!
(Please let us know if you are going anywhere, so we can spread the message!)

AGMs: National FBNZ (September 2019 - TBA)

Free Beaches NZ Inc's National Committee usually calls the AGM in August or September.
The Wellington Regional and the Canturbury Regional Committee's AGMs are usually held about the same time.


October - (Saturday 20th 2018)

As an introduction to the new Naturist Season, invite some friends to your place - to help you in the garden. This season, Yates' is 'on board' with their National Gardening Week: 15th - 22nd October. If you apply by October 14th they're offering some butterfly-friendly plant seeds, free!

(Note that 'World Naked Gardening Day' was May 6th - but that only suits the Northern Hemisphere...)


AGM: NZNF (December 29)

The New Zealand Naturist Federation's AGM is generally held on the first Saturday after Christmas, and is followed by the annual Rally, usually held in main centres around the country. For 2018-19 it starts at Wellington Naturist Club, then tours the Taranaki, Waikato and Hawkes Bay clubs - by bus.

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