Significant objective advantages in Naturism

1 - Want to see your community a quarter to a third less aggressive?

This 'Bell Curve' indicates the decrease in male aggression one may expect in society, when males are socially comfortable, naked. In other words: a community which accepts male nudity as normal, would be about a third to a quarter less violent than an equivalent one, for which the only difference is mandatory clothing. 


These curves are derived from MMPI (psychological norm) data originally analysed by John P. Brantner PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota Medical School. (Female Naturists were described as: 'completely normal - they would make excellent wives.')

2 - The 'Naturist experience' gives an enduring four-fold lift in self-esteem.

Naturist novices show an enduring, four-fold improvement on the Body-Cathexis scale (self-esteem), over the control groups' average. 


"Body-cathexis" is positively correlated to self-esteem. See the research (esteem) for details on how this experiment was conducted. 

3 - Acceptance of Naturism is inversely proportional to the teen pregnancy rate.

Using Naturist membership rates as a broad indicator of country's acceptance level for Naturism, a comparison of live births plus abortions in Europe, the UK and the USA, among women aged 15 to 19; shows a direct correlation with the inverse of the Naturist membership rates.

A study by Lewis and Janda offers an interesting background to these implications.

4 - Normal people are 10 times more interested in a naked body, than a clothed one.

These two columns represent the numbers of viewings of a local website with unexpected nudity, at the end of their 10 page photo gallery.


The gallery (no longer 'live') included a count of how often each picture had been viewed (ie: a thumbnail clicked to see the 'full size' image). The first eight of the ten gallery pages contained only portraits and nowhere was there any mention of the nudity among the 35 images on last two pages. That suggests there would be none of the usual bias suspects among the viewers. So by categorising and averaging the viewing counts in each category, one may get a fair indication of the average person's interest in nudity.

The first column averages the number of viewings of those pictures in the last two pages with no nudity evident. The second column shows the average number of viewings of the pictures which include some nudity as specified in the 'subject seen from' categories - back, side and front. (Six pictures where the possibility of nudity was not clear in the thumbnails, were not included in the counts.)

That tenfold increase in interest in a naked picture by the 'average' person is evidence, I suggest, that most people are still seeking completion of the 'imprinting' of the form of his species: which is denied by mandatory clothing. I also suggest that this unmet need is a plausible cause of ills like child molestation (and is one explanation of why those molested seem to be of no particular gender).