Particular matters recommended for consideration.


The attitudinal survey of membership (1992)
Toward the end of 1991, Kevin Sampson; while preparing the establishment of his Katikati Naturist Park, was backed by the Federation to run a comprehensive survey of both current and ex-members to see what the attitude of the naturist fraternity was, to various aspects of naturism in New Zealand.
The results were originally reported in 1992, and a subsequent analysis was reported in 1997.
The gender imbalance
What is the cause of the gender bias, as reflected in the disparate numbers of men and women seen at (some) beaches and also the perceived need for control of the balance of genders in the clubs?  A perennial issue explained.
A speculative concern
What if the pixelation of genitals on TV, has consequences? This informed speculation on the effect of pixelation on TV suggests it could be a matter of real concern. At present, this item is a matter of simple plausibility.
Physical Health
Vitamin D is an essential item for our overall health and wellbeing. But skin cancer remains a risk. How do we balance these issues? (See how NIWA balances the issues and also the view of some relevant UK authorities.)
NZ's Naturist History
This is an on-going collaborative project. The intent is to cover the history of naturism in New Zealand (starting with W. Doug Cook's establishment of Eastwoodhill, near Gisborne, in 1910).
A Religious link
Around 5% of Naturists are committed Christians: this is a believer's site. (Starts on an ad - click top right to skip it.)