Waving the flag!


Have you noticed the yellow flag in the corner of some of these pages?


Fred Bear is our logo.


We take him with us on beach trips, partly to indicate to other members where we are, and partly to alert authorities like police, life-guards, and so on; of our presence.


You too, can take advantage of this sign of a friendly welcome for any genuine interest in this healthy option in beachwear.


Healthy option?


Yes indeed. Your body needs Vitamin D. But the normal concern is the potentially deadly cancer: melanoma.

Naturism offers two advantages: first; consistent (gradual) exposure to the sun has some protective effect, compared to the irregular sessions of near sunburn endured by weekend sun-seekers. And second; other Naturists can offer timely information about any suspect lesions, in places few others will see.

For an indication of the current scientific thinking on required sun exposure see this table from the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research. It is an authoritative indication of how to balance the risks and benefits for the body, of various UV exposure levels.