Regional Committees

The Free Beaches society can establish a regional committee in any area where demand supports it. At present though, there are only Regional committees for Christchurch and Dunedin.

In the north, there is an annual camp-out in the Kaimais, each January at Ngatuhoa Lodge.

Just north of Auckland, at Parakai Springs, Free Beaches NZ promotes two nude Thursdays each month (the first and third Thursday, from 10am to 9pm). There's a 20% discount for FBNZ members there (if you can show your membership card).

The Wellington Region

The main beaches covered by this region include Breaker Bay, at the entrance to Wellington Harbour, and Peka Peka Beach, about 40km up SH 1, just north of Waikanae. 

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The Canterbury Region

'Canterbury' means, of course, mostly the Christchurch area. The 'local' beaches run from Leithfield in the north to Tumbledown Bay in 'the south'. There are also several river spots visited. The main place for the Free Beaches society members though, is just north of Spencerville (via Heyders Road).

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The Dunedin Region (includes Otago & Southland)

There are quite a number of beaches in this area. The main ones are Smailes Beach, nearest Dunedin and maybe Doctors Point Beach, near Waitaki. In the winter a Physio pool is available in Dunedin and an occasional spa evening are sometimes held at Kowhai Heights

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The Parakai Hot Pools (near Hellensville)

Parakai Springs offer FBNZ members (with their ID card) a 25% discount on their "nude nights"; (normally $22), from 10am - 9pm on the first and third Thursday of each month.