The sources...


These are some of the more illuminating comments from those who have realised the meaning of their experiences. 


The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran.
This Lebanese poet, philosopher and artist gained global recognition during the middle of the last century. He has been compared with Rodin and Blake.


Nudist Society - Prof. William E Hartman, Marilyn Fithian and Donald Johnston.
As the first authoritative and complete study of the world of the nudist, this book dispels many of the myths surrounding the nudist lifestyle.


Growing Up Without Shame - Denis Smith & Dr William Sparks.
Subtitled - Social nudity: Its Effect on Children - most of the assumptions and concerns of both 'experts' and the wider community are addressed directly with naturist subjects.



"Your views" - Yes, on this page you can put forward your aspirations, experiences and ideas! (And if you need technical assistance - we're here to help.) 



The Bible - A commentary of the main places where nudity or nakedness are mentioned (in the King James version).