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Fred Bear towel
Polo neck shirt
Sweat shirt
Bare on the Beach flag
Car sticker
Fred Bear strip
 Free Beaches NZ Inc.


Summer 20/21 


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   Beach Towels, Quality, 140 x 90cm


 $20.00  $ _____.00


 $20.00  $ _____.00


 $25.00  $ _____.00
   Hats, white (pockets in black band)


 $30.00 (+$10)*  $ _____.00
   Beach Flags ("Bare on the Beach") free to members  
   Car Stickers ("Go Natural Go Bare" free)  
   Sew-on Fred Bear badges (free)  
   FBNZ Brochures (free)  
   Popular Beach Lists (free) Total:   
 * Notes: Except for the hat, a $6 charge applies for local postage to a non-member.
    There is a POA surcharge for the hat, or for postage outside New Zealand.
    All prices are subject to availability of stock, and are subject to change.

 Please use our KiwiBank account: 38-9014-0140590-00 for a payment transfer: sorry, no cheques!

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