45 Km of Nude Beach!

Longest Nude Beach in the World?


Great headlines! But what's the real story? Note first - the council has not designated 45 Km of beach for anything.

Back in May, the Kapiti District Council gave notice of a new bylaw which included the following clauses.

  • "No person shall remain upon any part of the beach in deliberate view of others in such a state of undress as to cause offence."
  • "Council may from time to time, by public notice, upon such terms and conditions and for such periods or periods as it thinks fit, declare that a defined area of the beach or waters abutting the foreshore, shall be restricted or reserved for a specific purpose, seasonal activity or event."

In a submission to the council from FBNZ some basic legal aspects were mentioned:-

To get a better idea of the issue, listen to the Mediawatch programme which did a first rate job of putting the whole fiasco into perspective, reprimanding the press for misleading information and ending by clearly stating the true legal position.
That programme is available here.
First click onto Mediawatch for 5 October, Then fast forward to the nudist item which begins 16:28 minutes into the programme.

  • The council must allow for all sections of its constituent community.
  • 'Mere' nakedness is not illegal.
  • A council bylaw cannot impose a greater penalty than statute law.

Consequently, the council's regulatory management committee recommended that that these aspects of the bylaw should not proceed - leading to the lurid headlines of alarm.

(For the record, FBNZ has no problem with the council specifying a preferred or recognised place for clothes-optional use, provided that they don't attempt to go beyond their statutory powers, in terms of trying to outlaw clothes-optional use elsewhere. In practical terms, there is only about 300 m of beach actually used, either side of the end of Te Hapau Rd. No one is trying to force the council to 'designate' anything. Let's just leave the rest alone, under the same laws as currently apply to the rest of the country!) 

 Please note: it is a prime FBNZ policy to put the Family First, on all beaches!    

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