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The Naturist Work, Workers & 'crash-pad' Nexus

The idea is simple: match those with work available that doesn't require clothing, with workers who regard clothing as a mere optional extra. Here we list each, for free! Note that 'couchsurfing' (accommodation offers where no money is requested) is one of the options, among both venues and workers (see below).

Work available current total: 2

Please add your details (or email the coordinator: ) with a description of the positions you have available. After checking with potential workers, we'll return an email list of those in the area who may be available for that type of work.

Work sought current total: 16

Please add your details (or email the coordinator: ) with some indication of the scope of your expertise and preferred types of work. We'll return an email list of potential jobs in your nominated geographic area.

Note that the submitter may choose which of the items sent in are to be published on these pages. After evaluation of initial interests, the responding party will be offered the relevant, actual contact details by email (or use a direct phone contact).

Travellers too!

Options for travellers just looking for informal naturist-friendly accommodation (WWOOFer-style or just 'couchsurfing') may also be listed, or linked, on these pages.

Advertisements by either venues or workers, are free.

Meantime, feel free to check out this American venture as an example of what's possible.
There's also a visitor's review of it by a non-naturist.


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