Some Island Beaches 

 Waiheke Island 

Palm Beach


Little Palm Beach

This is probably the most popular place to go among locals and visitors alike, but there are several places known for skinny-dipping on this island. The general attitude of the locals is best described as 'relaxed.' Outside a couple of the main beaches - no problem!

  Little Palm Beach - the island's favourite

Cactus Bay

Cactus Bay

Not far from Palm Beach is the bigger and quieter, Onetangi. But some claim you can't beat Cactus Bay. (Ask about the nude beaches at the island's information centre - they do know about them.) 

  Despite its name, it's not common to find a cactus on the beach...

 Great Barrier Island 

Medlands Beach


Medlands Beach

Getting to Great Barrier Island may turn out to be the main challenge!

  On Great Barrier Island, Medlands Beach is a favourite

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