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Andrew's exploits in late 2012:-
Sydney Channel 7 (Sunrise) report (Nudie run appeal)
Huffington Post report (Naked jogger wins)
Tauranga's SunLive report (Naturist plans nude bike ride)
Dom Post report (Nude jogging same as a gang patch - Judge)
BoP Times report (Naked jogger's court victory)
Radio Live interview by Michael Laws with nude jogger, Andrew Pointon
NZ Herald report on the Papamoa record skinny-dip attempt
The Edge (Jay-Jay, Mike and Dom's world record skinny-dip attempt)

Joyce's "Afternoon" discussion with Jim Mora on Radio New Zealand, Feb 2nd, 2012.

Joyce Fleming Plays Favourites with Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand, Sept 2011 (& Dec 31).

Andrew Pointon organised the World Naked Bike Ride on Papamoa Beach, 2013.

Joyce Fleming's 2009 Kim Hill interview on Radio New Zealand & the Mediawatch comment

Glenne Findon's 2009 Radio New Zealand interview

Here are some more links to the latest publicity, as supplied by Glenne Findonů (BoP Naturists)

New Idea 20/12/2010

RNZ (several items)

AMI advert

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