Looking south toward Parkiri Beach

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A beautiful spot on the banks of the Clutha

Watering some plants

This is a view of my spot from the upper bank of the river, looking toward State Highway 8, on the other side.

During the last year or two I've made good progress clearing the gorse, rosehip, etc. and I've added a number of native trees, shrubs, hebes and grasses. I've been here for four years now and I'm accepted by everyone who knows of me being here. I recently discovered that at least two police officers kayak by, and know of my activities here.

Ani's place is above

While I accept there may be a number of people who wouldn't see any advantage in what I've done here, I still would like to suggest they might at least think about it. If people want to succeed in being accepted as nudists, naturists; in appropriate places - by the textiles - then why not do as I've undertaken to do? Why not seek council consent to clear and develop an area in your region? (No doubt best near a good waterway.) Being seen to be green has huge benefits - and you can do it while being at your most comfortable: nude.

I am aware that at the beginning of my setting up where I am, there were some discrete attempts to move me away, both by the police and the Central Otago District Council. However, they were persuaded to leave me be by a farmer with whom I'd become good friends.

Since I've been in this region I've built a number of bridges with town folk, police, DoC, etc. as well as putting ads in the Wanaka Sun for like-minded people to join me if they wish. (In the ad I request: "no txt msgs plz." This eliminates the plonkers from making a nuisance of themselves.)

The people who have been here so far, think it's a fab place.

George Clinch